Smart Customer Service

24/7 Online Real-time Customer Service with AI Semantic Analysis

Through natural language analysis, identify key keywords in customer inquiries and provide the necessary information. Breakthrough the traditional text-based conversation approach and enable visual presentation, allowing the use of images.

Applicable to Line, Facebook, Web

To cater to different customer needs, our customer service mechanism supports multiple channels, allowing centralized management and response on a single platform. We provide comprehensive service coverage.

Instant Access to Live Customer Support

For more complex issues, the system automatically converts them into customer service tickets. Our live customer support team will promptly receive notifications and provide responses. Alternatively, during working hours, they can address customer inquiries through our management platform.

Advertisement Push Notification Service

In today's highly connected society, receiving information has become incredibly easy, thanks to the advancement of the internet. We utilize communication apps on smartphones to deliver advertisements directly to users' mobile devices, including the ad content, website links, and even EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail).

The Perfect Combination of Chatbots and E-commerce

With the advent of conversational e-commerce, it's essential not to miss out on this powerful tool for automated marketing in the e-commerce industry.

Simple Operation Page

A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface that allows you to push advertising messages by setting up groups.

24/7 Customer Service

By setting up keywords and replies for questions, it becomes your online automated customer service that operates 24/7 without interruption.

Integrated Online Store Function

Providing product management module, payment and logistics settings, order management, and membership system to achieve the perfect integration of chatbot and e-commerce.

Smoother Shopping Process

Allow consumers to complete the entire shopping process during the interaction with the chatbot, enabling a seamless shopping experience for consumers.

One-Stop Shopping and Ordering

Integrate product browsing, discount information, adding to cart, payment, and shipping details, without the need to exit the conversation or open a separate webpage for making purchases, providing consumers with a one-stop shopping experience.

Collecting Consumer Information

Analyzing consumer shopping habits and behaviors to identify areas for optimization on the website or in the shopping process, in order to provide better service.

Smart Customer Service - Service Items



Line Instant Chat (Integration with Line@ Life Circle Account) Includes Standard Plan features and the following:
Customer Service Lexicon Management FB Instant Chat (Integration with FB Fan Page)
Push Messages (Line) Web Live Chat
Customer Service Tickets Automatic Semantic Analysis
Question and Answer History Push Messages (FB, Mail, SMS, APP)
Guided Q&A API Integration
Related Q&A
Statistical Reports