Signing online is really easy!

Are you still waiting for the application form to be approved? Is the form lost and stuck due to personnel changes or vacations? Shinda BPM makes each process clear and transparent, with real-time push and sign-off functions, making the approval process clear and smooth

Forms and processes are easily digitalized

Intuitive and simple operation, whether it is a form or a process, even administrators without a programming background can set it up smoothly and quickly. BPM system let your paper form disappear and quickly move the process online and automation.
  • Avoid personnel errors and delays by achieving real-time approval and recording of processes.
  • Electronic digitization, real-time processing of cross-region and cross-department collaboration.
  • Painlessly transfer offline operations to online operations quickly.
  • Process standardization and automation improve the fluency of daily workflow.

Full Integration of Management Functions

High efficient and transparent, comprehensively upgrade your workflow and organization management
Organization Management

Support multi-organization structure, classify ranks and departments, and have authority- control mechanism

Form Design

With drag-and-drop design method and various control items, users can easily design interactive forms. The system also supports multi-language function

Process Design

Support various complex sign-off processes, developers can build various process models by simply drag-and-drop

Online Simulator

According to the various settings in the process, you can test the processes on the simulator. Developers can simulate the processes of sign-off without logging in and out of accounts, which greatly improves the test efficiency before going online.

Mobile Sign-off

Provide complete mobile sign-off mechanism, combined with email notifications, you can approve the form in the mail, to achieve the benefits of mobile BPM process

Heterogeneous System Integration Tool

Provides a rich set of Web Services and hundreds of APIs, making it easy for developers to achieve related integration


Start to make remote work without distance

Make an appointment for consultation

Reserve Consultation

Start to make remote work without distance

Make an appointment for consultation

Reserve Consultation

EIP helps reducing communication costs and information gaps, and improves administrative and business efficiency

  • Internal administration, communication, and operation processes are easily moved to online
  • Intuitive, simple and easy-to-operate backend helps save corporate training and maintenance costs
  • Elastic add new units or functions to maintain good expandability
  • Facilitate downward and parallel information distribution to ensure the message is delivered

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