Mobile and Online Office
Integration, Sharing and interaction

Shinda Technology EIP provides intuitive operation interface, complete and expandable mobile office function, to accelerate working efficiency.

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Why do we need EIP ?
Mobile Office and Remote Operations are extremely important to business in the Post-pandemic Era

The enterprise information portal (EIP) establishes close life circle of employees and generate the centripetal force of employees.

We provide a comprehensive online management platform for enterprises, including: internal information announcements, knowledge management, and task management, thereby improving administrative and business efficiency.The most important thing is that it can meet the needs of enterprise operations, and has the ability to expand functions and interface with other systems

Effectively reduce communication costs and information gaps, and improve internal operating efficiency

  • Provide EIP APP version, remote work with zero time difference, get all important information at one hand.
  • Integrate the entrances of various systems to improve operational efficiency and make management smoother.
  • Ensure that the company's internal communication and information distribution are precisely delivered.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-operate back-end system, saving the costs of corporate education, training and maintenance.
  • With the ability of elastic expansion of the system, administrators can directly add node units in the back-end.

EIP Integration Services


You can check the itinerary anytime, anywhere. You will not be limited to the office location and will not be late for important meetings


You can publish an announcement to whole company or specific departments. You can get the analysis of participation rate on various issues.

Address Book

Quickly search for company colleagues and customers contact information. Take control the relationship, accelerate communication efficiency.

Meeting Room Reservation

Easy to make an appointment, let the reservation efficient and smooth.

Resource Reservation

Flexible resource management, which can be added, modified and deleted at any time. Such as meeting room, company vehicles, projectors...

Stationery Application

Apply for stationery online, you can easily submit the application, control the quantity, and check the status at any time.

Task Management

Carry out task assignment, tracking and reporting back.

Multiple Links

Set external website as the common links of each user and promote it as a technology or knowledge website.

常Sharing Files

You can upload commonly used documents from back-end, like employee handbooks, articles and regulations, etc.


You can set the publishing targets and the type of the question, including single-choice, multiple-choice or open questions.


You can set the targets of the publication and and the type of the question, including single-choice, multiple-choice, named or anonymous voting.


Employee/department audio-visual and album management, let you have real time online browse, shorten the distance between employee and increase mutual understanding


Album management provides online instant browsing, shortens the distance between each other and increase employee familiarity.

Group Purchase

Flexible resource management, you can add, modify, delete the items at any time, such as meeting room, company car, projectors reservation...

EIP begins to make remote work without distance

Full-function system are available to enterprise now!

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Do you have an integrated requirement for BPM ( Business Process Management) system ?

Shinda Technology also provides an integrated solution of EIP+BPM online mobile office, integrates enterprise information entrance, and realize online signing and fully paperless operations.

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