Why do you need Shinda Content Management System?

Want to achieve timely and perfect image of new products?
Realize your ideal with one hand
and create the webpage of new products is really EASY!

No need to rely on engineers, no need to debug Manage website is simple and easy to get started

It doesn't matter whether you have budget or time constraints, Shinda always supports you to realize your dream! The website content system retains the flexibility of expansion, you can quickly build your exclusive brand!

Want to be seen worldwide? There are many potential customers all over the world, how to communicate with them? Shinda Technology will help you get it done! Provide multilingual languages ​​website version to solve the problem of communication.

Let your website content comply to the business strategy of whole group. Just one content management system can allows you managing your subsidiaries website to have a consistent and integrated content and image.


RWD Responsive Web Design

Edit articles and content by yourself

Build new website page flexibly

Multilingual settings

Manage content in multiple languages ​​by yourself, and users can switch the website language by themselves.

Multi-network architecture

Multiple sub-sites can be established, and each sub-site can have its own menu, layout and style.

Function module

CMS allows you to flexibly manage your own website

System Management

  • Role management
  • Platform account management
  • System log
  • Data query
  • Audit management

Content Management

  • Node management
  • Content management
  • Multilingual settings
  • Multi-network setting

Template management

  • Homepage layout management
  • Flexible layout and content submission
  • Activity page management


  • Top Search Statistics
  • Article Hits Report