System Integration Development Planning

We plan and design comprehensive workflows and optimal solutions for clients, integrating existing heterogeneous platform systems to provide integration of various resource systems within the enterprise.
This effectively assists in integrating internal information systems, enhancing operational and management efficiency of the company.

Service Provided

According to the customer's operation process, we develop functional modules to provide system integration interface, such as interface API, database migration,
, file exchange, in response to the needs of enterprise business expansion and system upgrade, provide solutions to improve enterprise automation, reduce manual work and increase data integration.
We solves the problem that the packaged software cannot totally meet the business process.

Cross-platform functional integration

Shinda continuously develop and innovate new solutions, hoping to provide users with a system that can maximize integration effectiveness, while maintaining
simple and smooth user experiences, so that both customers and users can quickly get start and operate smoothly.

System Success Examples

Rental System
Course Registration System
Customer Relationship Management System
Internal EIP system
Internal sign-off system
Data Analysis Information System
Insertion Order System
Underwater Positioning System
Inventory System
Quality Control System
Dealer Management System