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Do you have these troubles

  1. 01.

    Cost of opening a store on E-commerce platform is increasing year by year.

  2. 02.

    Want to initiate an innovative marketing model, but E-commerce platform can not support to implement the function.

  3. 03.

    Feel like being kidnapped by the platform.

  4. 04.

    I want to import other systems, but the platform can not integrate with it.

  5. 05.

    With revenue is gradually growing, and the amount of platform commission is also increasing.

Choose Shinda to solve your problems

  1. 01.

    Full of flexibility, you can integrate with other systems or expand functions if you want!

  2. 02.

    Save annual fees and commissions and increase net profits.

  3. 03.

    You don't need to worry about the price increase or bankruptcy of the platform, you can have full control of your online store by yourself easily.

  4. 04.

    Customized the system according to your specific needs, make your ideas come true.

Sales performance is rising

Promotion Management

There are a lot of promotional activities that I want to initiate, such as discounts on reaching certain amount, discounts on full purchases, A+B discount, free gifts, free shipping, etc.

One Page Website

I want to place an advertisement for a specific product, and I hope that a web page can be generated to promote this product.

Product Prices Can Be Stetted According To Membership Level

I want to reward my VIP members and hope to give them some special discounts.


Want to offer specific membership benefits

I want to be able to manage my membership well

Promotion Management

Want to give reward to old customers who purchase frequently

Shopping Money Management

Hope to give customers some incentives to increase purchase

Membership Rating

I want to divide my members into different levels, so they can be used in future marketing

I hope it can be connected with other systems

The accountant spends lots of time on account reconciliation

Customers keep asking where the goods are, and sales person spends a lot of time checking and answering

I hope that LINE can be used to let customers inquire about orders, shipping status and other information

Function Modules

Front screen

  • Standard layout
  • Layout and style design

System Management

  • Role authority management
  • User management

Member Management

  • Member Management
  • Membership Rating

System Connection & Integration

  • Payment and cash flow
  • Shipping and logistics

Reports and Analysis

  • Overview
  • Product sales ranking
  • Monthly income statement

Product Management

  • Product category management
  • Product management
  • Add-on product management
  • Gift management
  • Inventory management

Promotions and profit sharing

  • Promotion activities (discounts/gifts)
  • Free shipping
  • Add on purchase preferential price
  • Shopping points or money
  • A+B discounts

Condition set up

  • Store basic information
  • Order setting
  • Point management
  • Shipping settings
  • Payment settings

Website design

  • Menu management
  • Webpage management
  • One page shop

Order management

  • Order management

Customer service management

Shipping management

Publish management

Content management